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INSPIRE-ROBOTS Wins “Technical Innovation Product of the Year Award” in The Capek Prize

The Capek Prize, organized by the China Association for Mechatronics Technology and Application, was founded in 2014 and named after Karel Capek, a Czech science fiction writer and creator of the word “robot”. It is dedicated to be the witness of the robot industry development and to build the Nobel of the robot industry.

Won the“Capek Technology Innovation Product of the Year Award”

On May 31st, the 14th China International Robotics Summit Forum and the 10th Capek Award Ceremony, a grand event in the robotics industry, was successfully concluded in Wuhu, China. With years of accumulation in the field of robot core components, INSPIRE-ROBOTS has always maintained the leading position of two core products, Micro Linear Servo Actuator and The Dexterous Hands, and finally won the “Capek Technology Innovation Product of the Year Award” after a fierce competition!

Wonderful speech at the Humanoid Robot Industry Chain Forum

In this year’s Capek Robotics Industry Chain Development Forum, Ms. Hainan Fang, Marketing Director of INSPIRE-ROBOTS, delivered a speech titled “Core Components of Humanoid Robots – The Dexterous Hands”. She said that humanoid robots have ushered in a boom in development, and are moving from the laboratory to industrialization. As a key link in the industry chain,INSPIRE-ROBOTS has been continuously improving its technology and product performance, and is striving to make humanoid robots around the world can use The Dexterous Hands.

The Dexterous Hands adopts innovative linear drive design, with six Micro Linear Servo Actuators as the core driving joints, which drive the bending of the five fingers and the side swing of the thumb. Fingers are connecting rod transmission which has many advantages such as compact structure, low friction resistance, and high precision can realize closed-loop control. In addition, the connecting rod has a strong loading capacity and can realize a large transmission ratio and torque transfer, which is suitable for high-power and heavy-duty scenarios. After adopting such module as Micro Linear Servo Actuator , we can see the structure of the dexterous hand is very simple.And the benefits are obvious, the product is stable and easy to mass production.

No matter Micro Linear Servo Actuator or The Dexterous Hands, INSPIRE-ROBOTS will continue to break through its own limits, upgrading its technology and processes, pursuing better performance and lower costs, and through the efforts of INSPIRE-ROBOTS, making robot manufacturing easier and allowing all humanoid robots to use The Dexterous Hands.

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