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INSPIRE-ROBOTS exhibited at ICRA 2024 in Yokohama, Japan

The International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) is the world’s top academic conference in the field of robotics and automation, and the flagship conference of the Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), organized annually since 1984. It has been organized annually since 1984. This year, the conference was held in Yokohama, Japan, from May 13 to 17, with the theme “CONNECT+”. As one of the most influential international academic conferences in the field of robotics, ICRA brings together the world’s top universities, research institutes, and innovative companies to showcase the most cutting-edge robotic products and advanced research results.

As a leading manufacturer of core components for robots, INSPIRE-ROBOTS presented Micro Linear Servo Actuator and The Dexterous Hands at ICRA 2024, showcasing INSPIRE-ROBOTS’ latest cutting-edge technological achievements to global technological elites in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence and automation.

Since its inception in 2016, INSPIRE-ROBOTS based on the core components of the robot research and development production, in 2020, the first commercialization of the first mass production of The Dexterous Hands, not only to break the monopoly of foreign countries in the field of dexterous hand, and through the independent research and development of the core components successfully reduced the price of dexterous hand to tens of thousands of yuan. Now our Dexterous Hands has launched the third generation of two series of products, the second half of this year, the fourth generation of dexterous hand products will soon come out. In the big names gathered, robotics products everywhere such as science fiction scene on the ICRA conference,The Dexterous Hands still gained a lot of attention.

As the linear joints of the humanoid robot, the Micro Linear Servo Actuator also attracted a lot of fans at the scene. As we all know, the key point of the dexterous hands to achieve high performance is the internal six force-controlled Micro Linear Servo Actuator, small volume, integration, high power density characteristics of the Micro Linear Servo Actuator jumped to become the newest in the field of robotics. As early as 2019, INSPIRE-ROBOTS tried to replace the traditional rotary joints with Micro Linear Servo Actuator, and designed a bipedal robot that completely adopts linear motion, which can not only walk, squat, but also climb stairs, and its movement posture is more similar to that of human beings.

The Micro Linear Servo Actuator integrates reducer, core-less motor, screw, sensor and servo control system, realizing the integration of drive and control under the condition of ensuring the ultimate compact structure, with the technical characteristics of small volume, high precision and large load. In this ICRA conference, as the core motion control component of dexterous hand and biped robots, Micro Linear Servo Actuator has gained popularity with its technical strength.

Since its establishment, INSPIRE-ROBOTS has been taking technological breakthroughs as its own responsibility, focusing on the field of core robot components, and appearing on the world stage again and again, which is a self-confidence in technology and products, and also to show the world the new force of China’s smart manufacturing!

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