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Our Product

INSPIRE-ROBOTS leading the industry of R&D and manufacturer of core robot components, especially with advantages in miniaturization, high precision and force control technology. Our Micro Linear Servo Actuator and robot EOAT, are widely used in Robotic,smart manufacturing, biomedical equipment and education & scientific research fields.

The Dexterous Hands

A single hand has 6 degrees of freedom and 12 joints. Combined with hybrid position and force control algorithm could simulate human hands to achieve accurate grasping operation.

Micro Linear Servo Actuator

Micro Linear Servo Actuator is a small integrated linear servo system, integrates a core-less motor, a precision planetary reducer, a sensor, a precision screw mechanism and a closed-loop control system.

Electric Gripper

Electric gripper adopts drive and control integrated design, precise position and force control, power-down self-locking and drop detection.

About Us

INSPIRE-ROBOTS is specializing in developing and manufacturing the micro high precision motion control components. Our product includes the Micro Linear Servo Actuator and Dexterous Hands, with unique advantages in micro-size, high precision and force control. The products are compliance with the CE, RoHS and FCC certificates, which are widely used in robotics, new energy, 3C electronics, semiconductors and biomedical fields. We are committed to providing high performance solutions and more possibilities for the companies that need precision control but are limited by the size of devices.

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Serving customers

Why Choose Us

Technical Support

Having a strong technical team to provide professional technical support

Localization Services

We have local agencies providing services in some areas

Competitive Price

Integrate R&D and manufacturing so the price is lower

Leading Technology

Having an excellent R&D team and leading technical level

Mass Production

A full-process manufacturing factory from processing to assembly

Quality Certification

We have obtained many certifications including CE\ROHS\FCC\ISO9001, etc


Our products are small in size, high in precision, and integrated in drive and control, and are widely used in the fields of robotics, industrial automation,etc.


Humanoid Robot,Bionic Robot,Surgical Robot,Teleoperated Robot,Dexterous Hands.

Automated Industry

New Energy,3C Electronic Equipment,Semiconductor Equipment and Other Precise Instrument.

Biomedicl Instrument

Minimally Invasive Surgical Instrument、Aesthetic Medicine Instrument and Laboratory Automation.


Manned aerial vehicles,Aircraft,Manned Spacecraft,Multicopter&Drone.

Servicing Brands and Institutions

Inspire-Robots has provided products and services for thousands of enterprises, universities and research institutes. Customers all over China, Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and many other regions.

News & Event

News & Event

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