Inspire-Robots leading the industry of R&D and manufacturer of core robot components, especially with advantages in integrated micro high-precision servo control. Our core product, Micro Linear Servo Actuator and robot EOAT, are widely used in aesthetic medicine equipment, biomedical equipment, 3C automation equipment, semiconductor equipment .etc.


Micro Linear Servo Actuator integrates controller, core-less motor, precision planetary reducer, precision screw mechanism, sensors, and servo control system .Due to the small size and the integration of drive and control,it is widely used in the fields of robots, biomedical instruments, aesthetic medicine equipment, industrial automationequipment.etc.

Servicing Brands and Institutions

Inspire-Robots has provided products and services for thousands of enterprises, universities and research institutes. Customers all over mainland China, Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and many other countries and regions.