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Micro Linear Servo Actuator

Actuator Introduction

How the actuator works and its applications.

Intelligent Closed-Loop Coating Die

Micro Linear Servo Actuator replaces the traditional micrometer to achieve closed-loop coating adjustment

Microneedle Devices

The Actuator can effectively reduce the size and weight of the device and improve effect.

Minimally Invasive Devices

Through the actuator to control the side swing and execution of the stapler.

Multichannel Pipette

Achieve different flow control of many channels through the parallel use of the actuator.

Electronic Injection Equipment

The medication process can be precisely controlled through the Actuator.

Constant Force Grinding

Micro Linear Servo Actuator can continuously output a specified value of force.

Precision Soldering

The Actuator can realize the precise force-controlled pressing and bonding.

Apply Adhesive

The gluing speed is adjustable, and the gluing quantity control precision is high.

Precision Assembly

The high-precision position control of Actuator can ensure the accuracy of positioning and installation.

Product User Guide

How to operate the Actuator for the first time.

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