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On 6.6, the 2024 China Humanoid Robot Developers Conference and the Third Zhangjiang Robotics Global Eco Summit were held in Shanghai Zhangjiang Science Hall. The conference invited more than 2,000 developers and industry experts, hundreds of robot ontology enterprises, body intelligence, developer ecology, head company of humanoid robot core components, to participate in this event. The conference set a total of 1 main forum, 2 closed-door meeting, 3 developer forums, and a humanoid robot exhibition, more than 30 humanoid robot industry chain outstanding enterprises to show the latest achievements.

In the manufacturing cost of humanoid robots, the manufacturing cost of core components accounts for more than 50%, and it can be said that the strength of core components determines the final performance and manufacturing cost of humanoid robots. With the ambition of revitalizing China’s smart manufacturing,INSPIRE-ROBOTS began the research and development of Micro Linear Servo Actuator and The Dexterous Hands in 2016, and after four years of unremitting efforts, it has successfully opened up the complete chain from motor and screw to integrated servo drive control system, and from dexterous hand structure design to software algorithms. We have not only successfully developed the first commercialized dexterous hand in China, but also the Micro Linear Servo Actuator has filled the blank of the domestic market, and all the components are completely developed and produced independently.

INSPIRE-ROBOTS appeared at the venue as the head enterprise of core components for humanoid robots. As China’s first five-finger dexterous hand to achieve commercial mass production, it has developed two series of products of the third generation. Two series of products were also unveiled at this conference.RH56BFX series knows as“piano hand” ,plays “rock, paper, scissors” with everyone that always wins. DH56DFX series has great strength to grab things,really flexible and reliable.

The bipedal robot developed by INSPIRE-ROBOTS in 2019,used 10 Micro Linear Servo Actuator as actuating joints, which is fully capable of stabilized walking, stair climbing and squatting.The bipedal robot demo verified the feasibility of linear actuators as the core drive unit of humanoid robots at a very early stage.

Exoskeleton gloves are also the excellent products of INSPIRE-ROBOTS, by wearing exoskeleton gloves, you can remotely control the robot to perform some dangerous operations, which are mainly used in the special industries such as firefighting, explosive removal, etc. Different from other wearable devices, our exoskeleton gloves have the function of force feedback, so they have also been applied to the VR/AR somatosensory gaming industry. Due to the recent rapid development of large modeling technology, there are also many customers through the exoskeleton + dexterous hand for robotics training.

Speeches at the Humanoid Robot Core Components Symposium

“Dexterous operation ability is the core element of the humanoid robot application landing” In the title of “The key to dexterous operation of humanoid robots: technological innovation and practical application”,INSPIRE-ROBOTS said, dexterous hand compared to the EOAT has a generalized grasping ability, as the execution tool of the humanoid robot, dexterous hand is indispensable. The use of Micro Linear Servo Actuator, combined with the linkage drive mode, greatly simplifies the structure of the dexterous hand, improve the reliability and mass production capacity. On the other hand, through large-scale application of Micro Linear Servo Actuator in industrial automation and medical fields, further reduce the manufacturing cost of dexterous hand, so that each humanoid robot can have a pair of dexterous hand is no longer a luxury. And the fourth generation of dexterous hands with greatly improved performance and life and integrated tactile sensors will soon be available.

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