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INSPIRE-ROBOTS exhibited at AUTOMATE, North America’s Largest Automation Show

Local time May 6-9, 2024, a four-day exhibition AUTOMATE in the United States of America in Chicago grand opening! AUTOMATE is the North American region’s largest and most professional degree of one of the robotics and automation technology exhibition event, gathering and focusing on the world’s top robotics and automation technology.

As a leading company in the field of industrial automation, INSPIRE-ROBOTS, based on the core components of robots, seizes the global automation trend and demand, and its core products, Micro Linear Servo Actuator and robotic end-effector, are widely used in the fields of robotics, pan-industrial automation, and biomedical equipment with the characteristics of small size, high precision, and heavy load. In this exhibition, INSPIRE-ROBOTS brings a full range of products to the North American automation industry to bring a feast of automation based on the core robot components technology!

Micro Linear Servo Actuator amazed North America

AUTOMATE gathered the world’s leading robotics and automation industry leaders, many in the field of motors and linear actuators for many years of cultivation of the well-known enterprises also appeared in this exhibition, even so, the Micro Linear Servo Actuator once displayed still attracted the attention of many exhibitors and visitors. Engineers from all over the world said they couldn’t believe that the linear actuator could be made so compact, and when they knew that the Micro Linear Servo Actuator of INSPIRE-ROBOTS didn’t need an external drive controller, they even called it so excellent!

Automation in various field

As a micro-small linear actuator with servo function, the Micro Linear Servo Actuator converts the rotary motion of the motor into linear motion through the transmission device, which is suitable for various occasions requiring linear displacement and pressure, and is used as a core component in many fields such as robotics, industrial equipment and medical devices. This is also very suitable for the influence of AUTOMATE, not only in the field of robotics and industry, but also in the medical equipment and other industries to attract the attention of many engineers, we also exhibited a number of applications DEMO at AUTOMATE.

New Energy Industry Applications

The closed-loop coating die head innovatively replaces the traditional manual adjustment of the micrometer head with Micro Linear Servo Actuator, and a Micro Linear Servo Actuator is configured for each adjusting slider within the spacing of more than 1 cm of the coating die head, realizing the fully automatic adjustment of the coating die head. The COV value of the modified closed-loop coating die head has dropped significantly, and the A-rate of the battery can reach 90% after improvement, which brings great economic benefits to the terminal battery factory.

The Dexterous Hands help local industries upgrade flexibly

North America is one of the most important economies in the world, with a high level of manufacturing development, and it is well known that humanoid robotics is also developing rapidly. As the world’s leading R&D manufacturer of The Dexterous Hands, INSPIRE-ROBOTS has established cooperation with most of the humanoid robotics companies in the world, and is a well-deserved star at this exhibition, harvesting countless “very cool”. It is worth mentioning that, far away from the other side of the ocean in Chicago AUTOMATE site, humanoid five-fingered dexterous hand is also everywhere, some robotic arm manufacturers booths, and even the whole field of the only one humanoid robot, can see the figure of INSPIRE-ROBOTS.

With the overseas display of many enterprises mastering core technologies like INSPIRE-ROBOTS, we are gradually breaking the stereotypical overseas impression of low-end manufacturing in China and letting the world know about Chinese technologies. In the future, INSPIRE-ROBOTS will continue to plough into the core components of robots, actively explore overseas markets, and help the global manufacturing industry to upgrade flexibly.

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