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THE CHINA INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL EQUIPMENT FAIR(CMEF) is the largest exhibition of medical equipment and related products and services in the Asia-Pacific region, which directly and comprehensively serves the entire medical industry chain from source to end of the medical equipment industry.

From April 11th to 14th, INSPIRE-ROBOTS participated in the 2024 CHINA INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL EQUIPMENT FAIR(CMEF) held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center with its full range of products and applications. As a leading company in the field of core robot components, INSPIRE-ROBOTS continues to empower the medical industry with robotics technology, and has so far served many medical customers, with its products widely used in minimally invasive devices, electronic injections equipment, medical aesthetic equipment and many other fields.

Micro Linear Servo Actuator help medical industry intelligent development

In this exhibition, the application cases of INSPIRE-ROBOTS Micro Linear Servo Actuator in medical treatment attracted great attention, providing important support for the intelligent transformation of medical devices. Through the precise force and position control of Micro Linear Servo Actuator, medical devices can realize fine operation, thus greatly improving the accuracy and safety of surgery. At the same time, thanks to the small size of the Micro Linear Servo Actuator, as the core execution parts of medical devices, not only can significantly reduce the volume of medical instruments, making it more suitable for minimally invasive surgery and portable use, while further enhancing the flexibility and convenience of medical services.

Microneedle Devices

The application of Micro Linear Servo Actuator to such equipment can effectively reduce the size and weight of the device, with precise piercing depth and fast piercing speed, which can greatly improve the users’ experience.

Minimally Invasive Devices

Micro Linear Servo Actuator applied to minimally invasive surgical instruments can reduce the size of the equipment, realize precise force and position control, and have data feedback function, effectively reduce the difficulty and risk of surgical operation.

Electronic Injection Equipment

Micro Linear Servo Actuator are used in electronic injection devices to precisely control the drug delivery process, improve safety and effectively reduce the size of the device, making it easy to carry and use.

The dexterous hands empowers prosthetic technology

The dexterous hands has been used in the prosthetic industry since a long time ago to help people with disabled to realize the basic life operation, which greatly improves the convenience of daily life. Compared with traditional prosthetics, The Dexterous Hands has a higher degree of freedom and can accomplish dozens of gestures, which can be accomplished in daily life, such as eating, drinking, dressing, opening the door, using the cell phone, mouse and so on.

In the future, INSPIRE-ROBOTS will focus more on technological innovation, and continue to introduce leading-edge products and solutions to contribute to the healthy development of the medical industry. With the landing of more applications in the medical field, we firmly believe that robotics technology will provide more possibilities for the medical industry, and INSPIRE-ROBOTS will work hand in hand with many medical customers to create a better tomorrow for the healthy life of human beings.

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