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INSPIRE-ROBOTS Receives Supplier Excellence Award for Humanoid Robots

Recently, the first China Humanoid Robot Industry Conference and Body Intelligence Summit was successfully concluded at the Exhibition Center of Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone in Beijing. The conference gathered more than a hundred enterprises in the humanoid robot industry chain, more than 200 humanoid robot academicians, experts and entrepreneurs, and shared the new dynamics and trends of the development of the humanoid robot industry.

At the conference, LeadeRobot Platform initiated and established “LeadeRobot 2024 China Humanoid Robot Industry Awards” to recognize the backbone of the entire humanoid robot industry chain that promotes the progress of the humanoid robot industry. With years of technological breakthroughs in dexterous hands products and in-depth cultivation in the market, INSPIRE-ROBOTS won the “LeadeRobot 2024 Excellent Supplier Award for Humanoid Robotics” and was selected as the “Humanoid Robotics with the Most Potential in the Market List”! Mr. Cai Yingpeng, CEO of INSPIRE-ROBOTS, was also invited to give a speech on “Dexterity becomes the key to the application of humanoid robots on the ground” at the conference.

Since its inception in 2016, INSPIRE-ROBOTS has been based on the research, development and production of core robot components, and so far The Dexterous Hands has developed the third generation of two series of products. As the first five-fingered dexterous hand to achieve commercial mass production in China, the cumulative shipments have exceeded 1,000 units, serving customers in many fields, including domestic and foreign humanoid robot bodies, prosthetic limb factories, terminal factories, and colleges and universities and scientific research institutions.

The selection criteria for the “Excellence in Humanoid Robotics Supplier Award” combines the stability and efficiency of the supply chain, the depth and breadth of technical cooperation, as well as the important role of products in improving the overall performance of humanoid robots and promoting the development of the industry chain. China’s humanoid robot industry is witnessing rapid development. With years of profound accumulation in dexterous hands and its core actuator micro linear servo actuator, INSPIRE-ROBOTS has achieved the leading advantages in technology, reliability, mass production capability and cost ofINSPIRE-ROBOTS’ dexterous hand, which is well deserved to be recognized by the two major awards in the industry.

“Dexterous operation ability is the core element of robot application landing,” said Yingpeng Cai, CEO of INSPIRE-ROBOTS, in a speech titled “Dexterous operation ability has become the key to the landing application of humanoid robots,” said dexterous hands have a generalized grasping ability compared to the end of the general types of robots, and as an execution tool for humanoid robots, dexterous hands are As an execution tool for humanoid robots, dexterous hands are indispensable. Because the humanoid robot has both flexibility and operational capability, the integration of parts and components and power density requirements are very high,INSPIRE-ROBOTS has begun the research and development of core components since 2016, and its products have a leading edge in micro-small size, integration and force control technology, and at the same time, through the large-scale application of dexterous hand’s core execution parts – micro linear servo actuator in new energy, industrial automation and medical fields, the It further reduces the manufacturing cost of the dexterous hands.

In the opening session,  Leade Research Institute released the Humanoid Robot Industry Research Report, which selected domestic leading enterprises in the fields of humanoid key components, complete machines and the fusion of robots and large models, providing valuable references and insights for the industry.

By virtue of the promotion effect of the  dexterous hands and the micro linear servo actuator on the development of national science and technology innovation and the development of the humanoid robot industry,INSPIRE-ROBOTS is also honored to be compiled into the “Humanoid Robot Industry Research Report”. The related products and application cases of INSPIRE-ROBOTS are compiled into two sections of the report, namely, 3.4 Humanoid Robot Limbs and 5.1 Key Component Enterprises.

Returning with honors, we keep on walking. As a new quality productivity carrier integrating artificial intelligence, high-end manufacturing, new materials and other advanced technologies, humanoid robots will have a disruptive impact on social and industrial changes and the global competition pattern. As a key link in the upstream of the industry, INSPIRE-ROBOTS will continue to play the role of driving core components, constantly iterating technology, accelerating the synergy with downstream customers, and contributing to the long-term development of the robotics industry.

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