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Micro linear servo actuator helps intelligent and automated upgrade of coating equipment

As the core equipment for li-ion battery production in the new energy industry, the coating die has been upgraded from manual adjustment to intelligent automated control by using the micro linear servo actuators. The upgraded intelligent closed-loop coating die has many advantages, includes the real time correction, real time control, and uniformity. The new solution has been accepted by many terminal factories, the traditional manual adjustment coating die will be gradually replaced by intelligent closed-loop die in the future.

The coating die is the core equipment for li-ion battery production in the new energy industry. The coating die evenly apply slurry on the copper foil/aluminum foil to make positive and negative electrode sheets. The uniformity of the slurry application determines the performance and lifetime of the li-ion battery. In the traditional way, by manual adjusting the slider inside the die, changing the pressure distribution at the discharge port to adjust the coating thickness. The narrowest distance between sliders is only 1CM, there is almost no such small actuators in the market, the traditional manual adjustment is using a micrometer, which lead to low quality battery and low production efficiency, but requiring skillful workers.

Due to the advantages of small size, high precision and large loading of micro linear servo actuator, the above problems are perfectly solved. One actuator can be configured for each adjustment slider within 1CM from the coating die head. Up to 120 adjustment sliders can be controlled simultaneously in real time, realizing fully automatic adjustment of the coating die and solving the problem of adjustment lag, which helps to produce high quality battery, and the simultaneous adjustment of hundreds of sliders has also greatly increased production capacity.

The intelligent closed-loop coating die using micro linear servo actuator to achieve real time correction, real time control and precise control of the coating. It highly improves coating uniformity and avoid traditional way to make production line shutdown and rework.

Intelligent closed-loop coating dies was quickly become popular in the new energy market in 2023. As the pioneer of micro linear servo actuator, Inspire Robots has become the first choice of intelligent closed-loop dies for new energy product and equipment manufacturers. In 2023, there were already many sets of closed-loop coating equipment used for production. With the development of new energy vehicles around the world, the intelligent coating machine is very suitable for the needs of flexible production and automated factories.

With the updating of lithium battery technology, all aspects of lithium battery production equipment are required to be upgraded, so that it could meet manufacturers’ requirements for high consistency and stability of products. As the core components of robots, the micro linear servo actuator not only helps to new energy industry reduce cost and increase efficiency, but also proves that robotic technology will have greater achievements in intelligent manufacturing.

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