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INSPIRE-ROBOTS exhibited at 2024 ITES China Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition

On March 28-31, Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition was officially opened at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. As a key enterprise in the field of industrial automation, INSPIRE-ROBOTS once again brought its Micro Linear Servo Actuator  and The Dexterous Hands to exhibit at the Shenzhen International Industrial Exhibition, demonstrating its strength in the field of industrial precision manufacturing industry.

As one of the mega industrial exhibitions in China, Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition shoulders the important task of displaying high-end equipment industry clusters and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. As an industry-leading manufacturer of core robot parts and components, INSPIRE-ROBOTS has an absolute leading advantage in micro-small, high-precision and force control technology, and has a rich downstream application scenario in the field of industrial automation, which has helped many high-end precision equipments to realize technological improvement or technological upgrading. At the exhibition site, the micro servo electric cylinder triggered the astonishment of the engineers and experts at the exhibition by virtue of its high degree of integration, unimaginably compact volume, and ultra-high precision and power density.

Breakthroughs in a number of technologies and processing technology developed a Micro Linear Servo Actuator, breaking the blank of domestic parts in the field of linear actuators, performance indicators far beyond the overseas competitors, the beginning of the market in 2019 is widely used in robots and other machinery and equipment, motion execution parts, especially in the precision manufacturing industry has a very high application value.

Especially in the field of new energy, theMicro Linear Servo Actuator is applied to the closed-loop coating die head, replacing the original manual adjustment of the micrometer head, so that the COV value of the transformed closed-loop coating die head can be reduced to 0.15%, and the rate of A-grade can be up to 90%, which will bring great economic benefits to the terminal battery factory and cause a market sensation.

As the first company in China to commercialize and mass-produce  dexterous hands, INSPIRE-ROBOTS has broken through a number of technological bottlenecks to significantly reduce the cost of dexterous hand, which is not only applied to humanoid robots, education and scientific research, and prosthetics and other fields. Now, INSPIRE-ROBOTS is also assisting many end-user factories to realize dexterous hand in some basic operations as a substitute for human labor, in order to further improve factory efficiency. The highly simulated appearance and flexible operation of the robot attracted many visitors to experience it at the exhibition.

Invited by the organizing committee of the exhibition, Mr. Li Maosong, General Manager of INSPIRE-ROBOTS (Shenzhen), participated in the 2024 Shenzhen Robotics and End-effector Technology and Application Forum, where he delivered a keynote speech on “Robot Core Components in the Field of Industrial Automation”, which brilliantly described the solutions of intelligent upgrading of INSPIRE-ROBOTS’ equipments based on Micro Linear Servo Actuator in the new energy, 3C semiconductor, automotive electronics and other industries. The solution for the intelligent upgrade of equipment in new energy, 3C semiconductor, automotive electronics and other industries.

In the future, INSPIRE-ROBOTS will continue to follow the pace of the country, continue to increase investment in research and development, maintain the leading position in the field of micro-small servo motion control technology, and constantly improve the performance of dexterous hand and Micro Linear Servo Actuator products, to help China’s smart manufacturing towards a new journey.


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