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INSPIRE-ROBOTS exhibited at productronica China(ShangHai)

On March 20-22, productronica China(ShangHai) was launched. Productronica China is an electronics industry exhibition, which has become an innovative platform to lead the future of electronic technology and witness the development trend of the global electronics industry together. As the world’s leading manufacturer of core robot components, INSPIRE-ROBOTS  presented its Micro Linear Servo Actuator and The Dexterous Hands at this exhibition, demonstrating to the global electronics industry INSPIRE-ROBOTS‘ technological strength in the field of intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment.

As a innovative SMEs that use special and sophisticated technologies to produce novel and unique products in Beijing, INSPIRE-ROBOTS has been focusing on the research, development and manufacturing of micro-small, high-precision integrated linear servo motion components since its establishment in 2016 , breaking through many technical innovations and launching Micro Linear Servo Actuator, which are widely used in new energy, semiconductors, 3C automation, and other precision electromechanical equipment.

On the exhibition site of productronica China Shanghai, INSPIRE-ROBOTS comprehensively displayed various series of Micro Linear Servo Actuator. LA/LAS series products are smaller in size, which can meet the demand for precision control of this kind of jigs and fixtures which are more sensitive to the size; LAF/LASF series can meet the scenario of belt force control.

In addition, the BLA series Micro Linear Servo Actuator are also on display, the size of the product is slightly larger than other series, but with higher precision, greater thrust and pull force, and longer service life.

At the exhibition site through various types of workpiece can be simulated on-site BLA series Micro Linear Servo Actuator working scene, the audience can visualize the product repetition positioning accuracy of ± 2μm, push and pull can be up to 250N, high-precision, large load performance advantages to attract a lot of professional visitors to stop to pay attention to, and communicate with each other.

As the first company to realize the commercialization and mass production of dexterous hands, The Dexterous Hands exhibited by INSPIRE-ROBOTS attracted a large number of visitors to learn about the experience. The Dexterous Hands is the core component necessary for future humanoid robots to realize scenario development and execution of complex actions. At the exhibition site, many terminal host factories discussed the technical feasibility of dexterous hand application with sales engineers, expecting to realize the substitution of manpower by dexterous hand in such aspects as inspection, packaging and tool operation through cooperation between the two sides .

The Dexterous Hands integrates 6 force-controlled Micro Linear Servo Actuator  inside, with 12 degrees of freedom in one hand. Combined with the force-position hybrid control algorithm, it has sub-millimeter positioning accuracy and several kilograms of loading capacity, and can simulate the human hand to make complex movements and accurate grasping. With keen market insights and leading technology creativity, INSPIRE-ROBOTS has productized the dexterous hand, breaking through a number of technological bottlenecks and enabling a significant reduction in cost.

After visiting and experiencing the products of INSPIRE-ROBOTS, the industry gurus at the exhibition gave high affirmation to the innovative technology of INSPIRE-ROBOTS products and were full of expectation for the subsequent development of INSPIRE-ROBOTS in domestic and overseas markets. In the future,  INSPIRE-ROBOTS will take one step at a time, make steady progress, continue to optimize its products, solutions and services, and constantly refine its core competitiveness. Based on the Micro Linear Servo Actuator and dexterous hands, INSPIRE-ROBOTS will maintain its technological leadership in the field of micro-small-servo motion control, and help China’s smart manufacturing to move forward to a new journey.

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