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The Ambassador of Pakistan and delegation visited INSPIRE-ROBOTS

On December 12, 2023 accompanied by CCID consultants, Dr. Kamran Rasheed Qureshi, the Minister of Science and Technology of the Pakistani Embassy in China, visited the Inspire robots with the AI Technology Center under the National Center for Physics , both parties have had in-depth exchanges and reached a series of cooperation intentions.

The history of the National Center for Physics (NCP) in Pakistan can be traced back to 1974 and now mainly includes the Physics and AI Technology center(AITeC), National Institute of Vacuum Science and Technology (NINVAST), Institute of Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing (PIAM3D), and Institute of Nanotechnology and Technology (NS&TD). Among them, AITeC is a forward-looking government technology institution dedicated to promoting innovation in the field of AI driven solutions and enhancing internationalization.

Accompanied by CCID consultants, the Minister of Science and Technology of the Pakistani Embassy in China, along with the head of AITeC and experts , visited the INSPIRE-ROBOTS. The Participants had in-depth exchanges on joint technology development, talent training, and deepening other cooperation. At the meeting, both briefly introduced each other’s situation, exchanged and discussed relevant technologies and products. Dr. Kamran expressed his willingness to deepen technical cooperation and engage in talent training. Relevant person in INSPIRE-ROBOTS also expressed great anticipation of achieving cooperation in the future.

After the visit, both parties exchanged gifts and contact information. The international relations between China and Pakistan are stable, and the friendship between the two sides has a long history. We hope that through the communication, we can achieve more cooperation with Pakistan in the future and contribute to the scientific and technological progress of both sides.

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