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Industrial Automation

Before the use of Micro Linear Servo Actuators, pneumatic cylinders are generally used in the industrial automation, but pneumatic cylinders can only realize the two end of the simple reciprocating motion, the process there is no way to precise control, and in touch with the surface of the workpiece would have a great impact, resulting in deformation, so that the yield is low.

Replacing pneumatic cylinders with actuator is a very typical “gas to electric” process upgrade in the field of automation. By adopting the process of actuator, the product yield rate has been greatly improved, the size of tooling equipment has also been greatly reduced, and the factory floor efficiency has been improved.

The advantages of Micro Linear Servo Actuators for industrial automation:

1.Approaching at high speed,Improve production efficiency.

2.Soft Contact,actuator ensures no impact when contacting the workpiece surface.

3.Constant Pressure Holding,accurately output the specified value of lifting force and continuously maintain pressure to keep the workpiece to cool and finalize.

Based on the advantages, Micro Linear Servo Actuators can widely used in industrial automation like Constant Force Grinding, Precision Soldering, Apply Adhesive, Precision Assembly.

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