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On September 19, 2023, the China International Industrial Fair opened grandly at the National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai),Inspire-robots exhibited at the exhibition with various series of products.First day of exhibition, Inspire-robots Released a new BLA series Micro Linear Servo Actuator.

Once the new product was released, it attracted many industry experts, scholars, and engineers to stop in front of the booth.BLA series actuator achieving “higher accuracy, greater strength, and longer lifespan”,which repeatability is ± 2 μ m,maximum force is 250N,and can repeat 2 million movements.

R&D and customization for many pain points in the field of industrial automation have revolutionary advantages compared to previous solutions, “born for industrial automation”

The new BLA series Micro Linear Servo Actuator, with its extremely small size (the size of a finger) and high integration, has become a core component of robots and is widely used in industrial automation. It is used in processes such as constant force polishing, precision mounting, applying adhesive, precision assembly, and constant force pressure maintaining, The application of micro linear actuators can significantly improve yield and production efficiency, helping to upgrade intelligent manufacturing capacity.

High appearance and super flexibility, The Dexterous Hands remains the “star” of this exhibition. A single hand has 6 degrees of freedom and 12 joints, with a beautiful and highly simulated appearance. Combined with a force position hybrid control algorithm, it has sub millimeter level positioning accuracy and a load capacity of several kilograms. The site is also equipped with control gloves, which can be used to control the dexterous hand to follow the movements synchronously. The cool and flexible dexterous hand attracts every passing audience to stop, truly immersive experience the charm of technology!

The  electric gripper adopts an integrated design of drive and control, with precise position control and force control functions, which can achieve power outage self-locking and drop detection. It has advantages such as integrated driving and control, precise force control, high-speed stability, and power failure self-locking.

Numerous demonstration devices and characteristic products have been launched on site at the CIIF.Let you to intuitively experience the unique advantages of actuators!

After learning about micro linear actuators, many professional engineers and researchers marveled at the rapid development of Chinese technology and the strong research and development capabilities. As the pioneer of micro linear actuators, Inspire Robots have always been committed to the development of underlying technologies, overcoming difficulties, and striving to develop smaller and more precise motion control components.



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