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Going abroad, Micro Linear Servo Actuator amazes the world!

On April 17, 2023 local time, the five-day Hannover Industrial Fair grandly opened at the Hannover International Exhibition Center in Germany! German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Indonesian President Joko Widodo attended the opening ceremony of this Hannover Messe and delivered speeches.

INSPIRE-ROBOTS is based on the core components of robots, seizes the globalization trend and demand of robots, brings a full range of servo control products to the exhibition, and communicates with 4,316 companies from nearly 90 countries and regions around the world, facing nearly 200,000 visitors at the exhibition. Showcasing cutting-edge Chinese technology! In addition to the “main products” Micro Linear Servo Actuator, humanoid five-finger dexterous hands and servo electric grippers necessary for humanoid robots, there are also a series of interactive product tooling that allow the audience to immersively experience the power of technology!

Great wisdom in a small size, Micro Linear Servo Actuator is really amazing!

Micro Linear Servo Actuator is a small integrated linear servo system, which is the core moving component of precision electromechanical equipment such as robots, industrial equipment, and medical equipment. It integrates high-precision reducer, high-performance coreless motor, screw mechanism, sensor and servo control system to realize drive and control integration on the basis of ensuring smaller size. It has small size, high precision, large load and other technologies. Features.

Once Micro Linear Servo Actuator was exhibited, it stood out among the exhibits and became the focus of the audience. Engineers from many well-known international companies were amazed by the small size of Micro Linear Servo Actuator. When they learned that Micro Linear Servo Actuator integrates a force sensor and a position sensor, it is an integrated product with drive and control, and its accuracy is even at the micron level, they all expressed unbelievable~

This position accuracy demonstration tooling combines a Micro Linear Servo Actuator and a dial indicator, which can intuitively display the position change value of each electric cylinder movement, and the error does not exceed ±5μm!

The force control model of Micro Linear Servo Actuator has the functions of force control and force feedback, and is very suitable for scenarios that require high power density or constant force control. Many automation equipment manufacturers from Europe and India have a strong interest in the product and hope to Improving process flow with Micro Linear Servo Actuator.

The future shines into reality, and the humanoid five-finger dexterous hand attracts audiences from various industries to stop!

A pair of black and white, exquisite and beautiful robot hands stood on the stand. Sometimes their fingers flew flexibly, and sometimes they grabbed various items. They could even use a “control glove” to control the robot hand with their right hand to shake hands with their left hand. Super sci-fi scene, humanoid five-finger dexterous hand became a well-deserved “star” at the exhibition! Not only did some big names in the field of robotics express their appreciation for the dexterous hand, students in robotics and other related majors from some European universities were also very curious. They had very in-depth exchanges with the staff and expressed their amazement at our technical level. Audiences passing by the INSPIRE-ROBOTS booth, regardless of gender, old or young, from all walks of life, will be attracted by the dexterous hands, and they will hear exclamations such as “interesting, amazing…”.

When you know that the flexible operation of dexterous hands relies on the six built-in Micro Linear Servo Actuators, which can provide real-time feedback on the stress of the fingers, and can realize real-time control of the grip force of each finger, and can control different softness and hardness, different shapes, and different Objects of different sizes and materials have better adaptability and interaction security, and everyone gave them thumbs up.

At the Hannover Messe, many people were curious about what fields such a pair of robotic hands, which are the same size as human hands, can be used in? In fact, in addition to being used as end effectors for various types of robots such as humanoid robots, human-like five-finger dexterous hands are also very valuable in fields such as education, scientific research, and special operations.

In order to speed up the internationalization process of INSPIRE-ROBOTS and better serve European customers, we also plan to establish branches in Germany through this exhibition to improve local operation capabilities and market response speed, serve overseas customers more efficiently and timely, and help cooperation Partners create more value.

In the future, INSPIRE-ROBOTS will participate more actively in overseas exhibitions, communicate and learn with world-renowned and outstanding companies, and explore more possibilities hand in hand.

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