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Accelerating globalization, Micro Linear Servo Actuator debuts at Japan Industrial Exhibition

From June 21st to 23rd, the Japan Industrial Exhibition was held at the Big Sight Ariake International Exhibition Center in Tokyo. The exhibition attracted more than 60,000 spectators, and the scene was crowded and lively. Japan Industrial Exhibition is composed of 10 professional sub-exhibitions, focusing on digital transformation services for manufacturers, factory automation, additive manufacturing, various mechanical components, measurement products and other factory facilities. The main audience comes from the design, development, production engineering, procurement and information systems departments of automotive, heavy industry, electrical, mechanical and precision equipment manufacturers around the world.

This is also the first time INSPIRE-ROBOTS has come to Japan to participate in an exhibition after the epidemic. Japan is an important stop for us to expand overseas markets. When we communicated with local customers in the early stage, we were looking forward to meeting through this exhibition. We also hope that INSPIRE-ROBOTS can bring More products and solutions. We lived up to expectations by bringing a full range of products and numerous solutions to the site, which not only allowed customers to further understand the superior performance of the products, but also attracted a large number of visitors to the exhibition for consultation.

The most eye-catching thing at the scene is undoubtedly the humanoid five-fingered dexterous hand of the INSPIRE-ROBOTS. The flexible fingers fly up and down. The appearance and size are the same as the human hand. The humanoid five-fingered dexterous hand can be controlled to move synchronously and grab objects through the sensor glove. These stunning black technologies not only amazed the audience, but also shocked many Japanese professional engineers and R&D personnel. With the popularity of humanoid robots, the humanoid five-fingered dexterous hands of INSPIRE-ROBOTS are in short supply and are widely favored by scientific research institutions.

If the humanoid five-fingered dexterous hand is a star exhibit, then the miniature servo electric cylinder of INSPIRE-ROBOTS can be regarded as a hot exhibit. After knowing that the core component of the humanoid five-fingered dexterous hand is Micro Linear Servo Actuator, representatives of exhibitors asked on the spot if they could buy it back on the spot. Small size, ultra-high precision, integrated drive and control design, and three control modes of force, position, and speed. When all these features appear in a small product, many experts and professors in the industrial field express disbelief. Micro Linear Servo Actuator is such a product, which is completely developed and manufactured by the Chinese themselves.

The Japan Industrial Exhibition has a history of 35 years in Japan. As the largest and largest exhibition in the industrial field, there are also many overseas media reports and interviews. As a very leading robotics technology, the excellent products of INSPIRE-ROBOTS have also received media reports and interviews. focus on.

The exoskeleton manipulator, six-axis platform and gripper of INSPIRE-ROBOTS were also exhibited at the scene.

At first glance, it seems that it is a medical product for rehabilitation. In fact, exoskeleton manipulators can not only achieve motion capture, but also perform force feedback, and have been put into applications in remote teleoperation, VR/AR interactive games and other fields.

The six-axis platform, also known as the Stewart platform parallel mechanism, is currently widely used in aviation, aerospace, submarine operations, underground mining, manufacturing and assembly and other industries. Therefore, after the launch of this product by INSPIRE-ROBOTS, it has also been widely used in industrial and robotic industries. field focus.

In recent years, Japan has also been plagued by problems such as aging and labor shortages. Therefore, the Japanese market has always been the focus of INSPIRE-ROBOTS ‘s overseas development. We hope to use our products to assist Japanese companies in intelligent upgrading and transformation of equipment. Japan’s industry and manufacturing industry have always been well-known in the global market. Being a supplier to Japanese companies requires not only excellent products, but also professional quality control and perfect after-sales processes. Through this exhibition, we have also come into contact with the needs of many well-known Japanese manufacturing companies, and INSPIRE-ROBOTS is very confident to gain their recognition with high-quality products and professional and high-quality services, making China’s intelligent manufacturing world-renowned.

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