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Minimally Invasive Devices

Before the use of Micro Linear Servo Actuators, Minimally Invasive Devices usually adopt the way of lead screw and stepper motor, belongs to the open-loop control, lower precision,the effect was not very good.

The advantages of Micro Linear Servo Actuators for Minimally Invasive Devices:

1.Small size ,light weight,doctor operates hand-held device, the first requirement is that the size and weight of the device are small enough.

2.Precise and controllable position,most instruments have extremely high requirements on the positioning accuracy of micro servo actuator.

3.Safe and controllable force,the environmental resistance faced by medical devices is very complex, so the equipment must have controllable strength to ensure initiate protection procedures.

4.Fast,the shorter the treatment process, the better,improve safety and economic benefits.

By INSPIRE-ROBOTS’ linear actuator,Minimally Invasive Devices has completed the upgrade from ordinary machinery to intelligence and automation.

Based on the advantages, Micro Linear Servo Actuators can widely used in medical equipment like Microneedle Devices,Electronic Injection Equipment, Multichannel Pipette and so on.


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