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Microneedle Instrument

Microneedle instrument which uses tiny needles to penetrate the skin and open skin channels, promote the absorption of effective preparations. At the same time, the skin repair mechanism is activited by physical stimulation to achieve treatment or skin beauty effects.Based on the above advantages, microneedles are widely favored by the medical aesthetics industry.

Before the use of Micro Linear Servo Actuators, screw rod and stepping motor were used in the microneedling device,  open-loop control, with low precision. Now, Micro Linear Servo Actuator is integrated,Accuracy and speed are doubled, device size is reduced by half, and single treatment time is cut in half.

Through the Micro Linear Servo Actuator driving microneedle array to penetrate skin,can effectively reduce the size of the device, the depth is accurate, the speed is fast, greatly improved user experience.

The microneedling device integrated with our micro actuator has been upgraded in three aspects :

①Penetration depth is precise and controllable.

Too shallow will reduce the efficacy and burn the skin.

Too deep will cause bleeding.

②Penetration speed is faster, which can reduce the pain and shorten the single treatment cycle.

③Penetration force is controllable.

Microneedles face different resistance because of different skin conditions.

Therefore, the force must be controllable, and the machine must be able to automatically judge abnormalities and start the protection program.

Compared to the original program, the precision is increased by 2 times, the speed is increased by 2 times, the size of the device is reduced by 50%, and the single treatment time is shortened from 60 minutes to 30 minutes.

Micro Linear Servo Actuator have other applications in the medical field.

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