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Give robots a pair of “human hands”

With the development of robotics technology, robotics is not just limited to lab research, can replace people and do the same job as humans do? How to make robot effector as flexible as human hands have become a popular direction in robotics research. To solve this dilemma, INSPIRE-ROBOTS successfully developed China’s first mass-produced five-fingered dexterous hand, providing more possibilities for the commercialization of robots.

The Dexterous Hands features an innovative linear drive design with six micro linear servo actuator inside. A single hand has 6 degrees of freedom and 12 joints. The same size as a human hand, combined with Hybrid Position and Force Control, with sub-millimeter-level positioning accuracy and kilograms of load capacity, can simulate human hands to achieve accurate grasping operation.

The Dexterous Hands has two series to choose, one has a high moving speed and the other has a large grip force to meet the different needs of customers.

The Dexterous Hands can be applied in the following scenarios:

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