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INSPIRE-ROBOTS Receives Multiple Recognitions in April

Appearing in ZGC Forum

April 25-29, ZGC Forum was held in Beijing, this year’s forum to “innovation: building a better world” as the theme, set the forum meeting, technology trading, results release, cutting-edge competition, supporting activities of five panels, will be held nearly 120 activities, more than 100 countries and regions, more than 150 foreign government departments and international organizations and institutions are invited to participate in the meeting. More than 100 countries and regions, 150 foreign government departments and international organizations are invited to participate in the conference. During the conference, INSPIRE-ROBOTS demonstrated the technical strength and achievements of China’s robotics core components to global participants at the Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone Exhibition Center, and its dexterous hand, which is as flexible as a human hand, gained wide attention at the scene.

List of 100 New Technologies and Products

At the Zhongguancun International Technology Transaction Conference during the forum, 2024 List of 100 New Technologies and Products was released, The Dexterous Hands of INSPIRE-ROBOTS was selected in the intelligent manufacturing section of the List of 100 New Technologies and Products. As the first five-finger dexterous hand to realize commercial mass production, it has gained a wide range of applications in the fields of humanoid robotics, prosthetics and education and scientific research by virtue of its leading technology, excellent gripping ability and dexterous operation.

Humanoid Robot Session of Highly Advanced Technology Product Launching Conference

As one of the series of special events for the debut of highly advanced technology products, the Humanoid Robot Special Session focused on discussing the development trend of the main key technologies of humanoid robots, exchanging the necessary conditions for landing and intelligent motion solutions, and releasing a number of “unveiling and marshaling” core projects. After the declaration and selection, 13 companies, including INSPIRE-ROBOTS, were selected as “unveiled” projects.

The first batch of members of Beijing Humanoid Robot Industry Alliance

On April 23rd, the inaugural meeting of Beijing Humanoid Robot Industry Alliance and the 2024 Humanoid Robot Industry Application Ecological Conference were held in Jingkai District. As an excellent robot core parts enterprise in Beijing, INSPIRE-ROBOTS, the first batch of member units of the alliance, was invited to attend this conference.

The first batch of members of Beijing Humanoid Robot Industry Alliance consists of 78 well-known enterprises, universities and research institutes in the upstream and downstream of the humanoid robot industry, including 23 application-based enterprises, 14 humanoid robot body enterprises, 23 core parts enterprises, 14 universities and research institutes, and 4 platform companies. The conference invited more than 100 experts and scholars, government agencies, universities and research institutes, robotics body enterprises, application-oriented enterprises and core parts and components enterprises to gather together to discuss key issues such as humanoid robot technology innovation, scene landing, industrial synergy and standard evaluation, and set up the industry alliance standard working group.

WK Cup-OFweek 2023 China Robotics Industry Annual Application Innovation Award

The “OFweek 2024 (13th) China Robotics Industry Conference” was held in Shenzhen on April 18-19, 2024, and the “WK Cup – OFweek 2023 China Robotics Industry Annual Award” award ceremony was also held at the same time. The award ceremony was held at the same time, and INSPIRE-ROBOTS was honored to win the “WK Cup – OFweek 2023 China Robotics Industry Annual Application Innovation Award”.

Mr. Li Maosong, General Manager of INSPIRE-ROBOTS (Shenzhen), said in his acceptance speech that the innovative application of Micro Linear Servo Actuator to the coating machine of new energy battery production equipment to achieve intelligent closed-loop control of the coating process, helping new energy enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency, which once again proves that robotics technology can empower the traditional manufacturing industry.

Intelligent manufacturing is an important way to transform and upgrade traditional industries, but also an important way to realize the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. The  Micro Linear Servo Actuator developed by INSPIRE-ROBOTS fills the gap in the domestic market for precision micro-small linear servo motion parts, providing solutions for many enterprises that have precision control needs but are limited by the small size of the equipment that can’t be realized.

INSPIRE-ROBOTS will continue to plowing technology, innovative products, and adhere to the core components of the robot field to move forward. Continuously launch excellent products and solutions, and all partners to work together to create the next golden decade of China’s robotics industry.



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