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INSPIRE-ROBOTS exhibited at Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Materials Exhibition(AHTE2024)

The Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Materials Exhibition(AHTE2024)was successfully held on July 3-5, 2024 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition covers automation technology, assembly technology, robot technology, transmission and handling technology, connection technology, transmission technology, micro technology, intelligent manufacturing, industrial automation components and auxiliary equipment, etc. The exhibition comprehensively serves the entire industrial automation industry chain of industrial automation and industrial robotics industry from source to end.

In AHTE 2024, INSPIRE-ROBOTS once again became the focus of the exhibition with its outstanding innovation and technical strength. The Micro Linear Servo Actuator and its wide range of applications attracted many professional visitors and industry insiders, and gained wide attention and favorable comments.

High Accuracy + High Power Density – Compact and Powerful

The Micro Linear Servo Actuator  exhibited by INSPIRE-ROBOTS became a highlight of the exhibition with its compact size and powerful performance. The Micro Linear Servo Actuator adopts advanced servo technology with excellent positioning accuracy and fast response capability. Its high-efficiency drive control system ensures the stable operation of the equipment under high loads and effectively improves the production efficiency. At the exhibition site,  INSPIRE-ROBOTS demonstrated the advantages of Micro Linear Servo Actuator in precision manufacturing and automation control through dynamic demonstrations, attracting a large number of visitors to stop and watch.

Micro Linear Servo Actuator  are widely used in many fields such as electronic manufacturing, precision machinery, medical equipment and so on. Its compact design and powerful functions make it perform well in a variety of automation equipment.

Physical display + dynamic demonstration – interactive experience more intuitive

On the AHTE 2024, INSPIRE-ROBOTS not only demonstrated the technical strength of the Micro Linear Servo Actuator , but also further enhanced the visitors’ understanding and interest in the products through a wealth of interactive experience activities. Visitors were able to observe the running effect of the products from a close distance and experience their high performance and reliability.

Professional sales from INSPIRE-ROBOTS were also on hand to provide detailed product explanations and technical exchanges, answering all kinds of questions for the visitors. Through the interaction with the professional audience, the on-site staff introduced the design concept, technical advantages and application prospects of the Micro Linear Servo Actuator, allowing customers to further understand the black technology in the small actuator.

The trip to AHTE 2024 not only demonstrated INSPIRE-ROBOTS’ leading position in the field of micro motion control technology, but also opened up a broader space for the company’s future development. INSPIRE-ROBOTS is looking forward to working hand in hand with more partners in the future journey to create a smarter and more efficient industrial future.

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