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Beijing Young CEO: With more than 10 patents, products supported by national key project

From the first-time studying robot in high school, join the robot team in university, entrepreneurship, develop in robotics, holding more than 10 patents, supported by the national key project, to be CEO of Beijing Inspire Robots, the 2004 alumni of USTB, Cai Yingpeng encountered trapped, also confused. But he never gave up, continued develop in robotics.

When he was in high school, Cai Yingpeng developed a strong interest in automation and robotics. In 2004, he was admitted to USTB. When he was in school, he participated in the International Competition of the Asian Broadcasting Union as a volunteer. He watched the robot competition and got in touch with the players, which gave him the idea of joining the robot team. After the competition, he began to learn some basic knowledge about robotics by himself. In 2007, he actively signed up and succeeded in joining MEI Robot Team.

In MEI robot team, Cai Yingpeng learned more robot knowledge and accumulated some experience. In 2009, when he was still in graduate school, he set up a studio and started some robot projects, which gave him the idea of starting his own business. After graduating in 2011, he began to prepare for his own business. In Cai Yingpeng’s opinion, the hardest part of starting a business is how to find people with the same goal to set up a company together at the beginning. The MEI team not only improved his personal skills, but also made him meet a group of like-minded friends. When he started his business, he set up two companies successively, and his partners were all teammates of the competition.

In the process of entrepreneurship, Cai Yingpeng also encountered a variety of difficulties. His first company was run on a project basis, helping people customize a variety of robotics projects. At the end of 2015, they believed that the development mode of such a project-based company had reached a bottleneck and it was difficult to further develop and expand. Therefore, they decided to change the operation mode, shut down the company and set up a new company. In May 2016, the team established Beijing Inspire Robot Technology Co., LTD., which is positioned as a supplier of robot core components and intelligent operation solutions. As a product-oriented company, many products of Inspire Robots need a lot of investment in early research and development and market promotion, facing a lot of risks and uncertainties. But if the team is confident and does not give up, opportunities will come, according to Cai Yingpeng.

Cai Yingpeng led the team to overcome various difficulties and achieved a series of achievements. At present, the company’s core products Micro Linear Servo Actuator and The Dexterous Hands have been successfully applied in robotics, artificial limbs, medical and industrial fields, and has applied for dozens of domestic and foreign invention patents. Among them, “The Dexterous Hands” is the first commercially realized dexterous hand in China. It was selected as one of the top Ten Scientific and technological progress of China robot in 2018 and supported by the “National Key Research and Development Program”.

The Dexterous Hands

With the set of grain robot products in the society because of the application and recognition, obtained the national high-tech enterprise, Zhongguancun Eagle talent enterprise and Zhongguancun Golden seed enterprise. In January 2021, As a representative enterprise of domestic robot technology companies, Inspire Robots was featured on the science education program “Science Fiction Zone” of CCTV CCTV-10 with dexterous hands.

Fearless of wind and rain, Cai Yingpeng has been adhering to the spirit of “seeking truth and innovating” of USTB, insisting on breakthrough and innovation. In the coming days, he will lead the company to continue to move forward, constantly improve the level of scientific research, so that more and more people can enjoy the convenience brought by the development of science and technology and help create a better future for mankind.

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