QWhat is Micro Linear Servo Actuator?

Micro Linear Servo Actuator is a small controller integrated linear servo system. can be precisely servo control at any position within the stroke range. The built-in absolute position sensor will not lose position information when power off, and without the need for reference point. The integrated force sensor (force control model) can detect and control the force in real time.

QWhat is the maximum output force of Micro Linear Servo Actuator?

Different model has different maximum output force, please check the parameter table corresponding to the specific model for more details.


QWhat is locked-rotor force?

During the movement of the product, when the external load increases to a critical value, the actuator cannot continue to move. Output force may cause permanent damage to the internal transmission structure of the actuator.

QWhat is speed level?

The speed level is related to the transmission ratio of the internal drive system of the actuator. The larger the transmission ratio, the smaller the speed level, the lower the maximum speed of actuator, and the larger the maximum output force.

QWhat is the repeatability of Micro Linear Servo Actuator?

The repeatability of different models is different, usually 0.005-0.1mm, Please check the parameter table corresponding to the specific model for more details

QWhat is the maximum speed of Micro Linear Servo Actuator?

Different model has different maximum speed, please check the parameter table of the model you choose for details. The no-load speed and full-load speed listed in the parameter table refer to the fastest movement speed that the push rod can achieve under the corresponding load conditions.

QWhat controller can be used for Micro Linear Servo Actuator?

Micro Linear Servo Actuator adopts LVTTL3.3V serial port communication interface, which can directly communicate with the MCU (such as STM32) of the same serial port level, or communicate with PLC, PC, etc. through the communication conversion module to realize motion control and status feedback.

QHow long will the Micro Linear Servo Actuator last?

Under good working conditions, the longest reciprocating motion is about 100,000 times.

QWhat communication interface does actuators use?

Type-D interface: LVTTL-3.3V serial port;

Type-P interface: 0-3.3V PWM periodic pulse width modulation signal interface;

Type-2 interface: RS485 interface.

QDoes actuators receive a feedback signal?

Except for the actuators with type-P interface, other actuators receive the target position, current position, current, temperature, force sensor value (force control model) and other information of the driver according to the communication protocol.

QHow to send the displacement command?

There are detailed instructions for sending location instructions in the products selection guide, which can be downloaded from the download page for viewing (location data 0-2000 is valid, 0 indicates the minimumstroke, 2000 indicates the maximumstroke).

QHow to control the speed?

Actuators with type-D interface: Through the follow-up mode, the position command is sent periodically, so that the motor follows the position curve sent by the user, so as to achieve the purpose of speed regulation, please refer to the user manual (electrical) document for details.

P-type interface: Similar to the D-type interface, the user adjusts the speed by changing the duty cycle of the PWM signal sent.

Type 2 interface: Through a specific protocol command, the position mode is modified to the speed mode, and then the speed parameter and the target position parameter are set, so as to move to the target position at the set speed.

QWhat is the operating temperature range of Micro Linear Servo Actuator?

Generally, the operating temperature ranges are from -10 ° C to + 55 ° C. If you have higher requirements, contact pre-sales consulting for customization.

QDoes force feedback detected function available?

The force control model integrates a force sensor, such as the LAF series or LASF series, which can detect the real-time force feedback, and supports the force control mode to control the output force.

QWhere can I download the testing software?

PC testing software can be downloaded from the download center.

QHow to set force control mode?

For type-D or type-2 motors, set the motor to the force control mode, and by sending the set force control value, you can control the driver to dynamically adjust the output (within the stroke range) to ensure that the output force tracks the set force control value and achieves a dynamic constant force control.

QCan I control Micro Linear Servo Actuator by PLC?

Actuator with type-2 interface directly support PLC control and use the drive protocol to control motion.

Actuator with type-D interface needs to communicate with the PLC through the communication conversion module (Modbus RTU converter (model: AED-LA-92-12) or RS485 converter (model: AED-LA-82-12)).