Born of the pursuit of technology,and catch up with the development of intelligent manufacturing. Through continuous scientific research and technological innovation, Inspire Robots has completely independently developed high-quality precision moving parts to redefine "Made in China".


Our Advantage

Inspire-Robots are committed to the research and development of fundamental technologies, through the innovation of core components of robots, to create better technical solutions.

Development History

Establishment of Shenzhen Subsidiary
Inspire-Robots opens new energy and semiconductor market
More possibilities for the future
Clinch the first order of millions
Accumulated sold of a million Micro Linear Servo Actuators
Inspire-Robots opens the biomedical market
The Dexterous Hands got support from National Key research and development Program
30mm and 50mm stroke model of Micro Linear Servo Actuator was developed
Inspire-Robots opens the aesthetic medicine market, and the Micro Linear Servo Actuator applied to aesthetic medicine equipment
Got ourfirst internationalorder
The Dexterous Hands got “Beijing New Technology New Product” certification
The number of customers served exceeded 100
GotSeries-preA+ funding
Establishment of Suzhou Subsidiary
Got “Most Promising Electronic Gadgets Chinadaily” Award
Obtained the dual certification of "National High-tech Enterprise" and "Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise".
“Baidu AI Accelerator” Phase II member institution
“ZhongguancunChuyingRencai”Company Award
Awarded the top NO.10 Robot progress in China in 2018
Got Series-pre A funding
Best Technology Innovation Award 2017
Micro Linear Servo Actuator got “Beijing New Technology NewProduct” certification
Inspire-Robots was established in Beijing
The first generation of Micro Linear Servo Actuator was developed successfully
Got Angel wheel financing