The launch meeting and implementation plan review meeting of the Project "Development of Funct
Time:2020-10-19 Source:因时机器人

Project Leader: Guo Weidong

Instructions: Functional Multi-finger Bionic Hands for Service and Industry

Project ID: 2019YFB1309800

Project NameDevelopment of Functional Multi-finger Bionic Hands for Service and Industry

On the afternoon of May 20, 2020, led by Beijing Kangli Youlan Robot Technology Co., LTD., Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tianjin University, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications, Beijing Inspire Robots technology co., LTD., Aobo Robotics, Shenzhen DH Robotics technology co., LTD., Qingruiboyuan Robotics, other institution to participate in the national key research project "intelligent robots" key of special "service oriented and industry The project launch meeting and implementation plan review meeting of practical multi-finger dexterous Hand in was held successfully in the form of remote video conference.


Director Zhou Hejian, Researcher Liu Jinchang, Supervisor Liu Lu, Secretary of the CPC Beijing Productivity Promotion Center, Director Gao Qian, group leader of the overall expert group of key Projects, Professor Zhao Jie of Harbin Institute of Technology, Deputy group leader of the overall expert group of Key Projects, Professor Chen Diansheng of Beihang University, More than 40 people, including project responsibility expert, researcher Liu Lianqing of Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, project responsibility expert, professor Liu Hong of Peking University, CEO Liu Xuenan of Kangli Youlan Robot Company, technical expert group, user committee experts, members of the project group and enterprise representatives, attended the conference.

At the launching meeting of the project, Liu Xuenan, CEO of Kangli Youlan Robot, the project leader, delivered a welcome speech. He welcomed and thanked all the experts and leaders for attending the meeting and expressed his determination to ensure the high-quality completion of the project. Gao Qian pointed out that all parties of the project should strengthen cooperation to promote the research and development work, and the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission will do a good job in supporting the work to create a good environment for the completion of the project. He Jian, director of the High-tech Research and Development Center, stressed that China is accelerating the construction of an innovative country, and the undertaking units of scientific research projects should not regard the realization of project goals as the end point, but should focus on the mastery and breakthrough of key technologies. Liu Jinchang, a researcher of the High-tech Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that the "two groups and one committee" should give full play to the role of the project implementation plan, and control the important nodes. Professor Zhao Jie of Harbin Institute of Technology, who heads the group of experts on key projects, hopes the project will upgrade the practicality of dexterity robot hands. Zhao Botao, deputy general manager of Kangli Youlan Robot Company, read out the list of the project group, the technical expert group and the user committee, and issued the letter of appointment to the experts of the project group, the technical expert group and the user committee.


Professor Jiang Li, leader of the project technical expert group, presided over the evaluation of the project implementation plan. The project leader, Professor Guo Weidong from Beihang University, reported the project implementation plan from six aspects: project outline, project task decomposition and main research work, key project implementation nodes and specific implementation plan, R&D team, project organization and management, project presentation form and test method. The expert representatives at the meeting discussed and questioned the implementation plan, and gave detailed guidance. Finally, the evaluation expert group of the project implementation plan formed the evaluation opinion.

Professor Guo Weidong, head of the project, expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and experts for their opinions and suggestions, ensuring that the relationship between innovation and application was further straighted out, and the close cooperation between various research units was coordinated. At the same time, As the project undertaking unit, Kangli Yulan will do a good job in project collaborative management, guarantee investment, make every effort to overcome difficulties, ensure the smooth implementation of the project, achieve more research results, provide strong support for promoting the commercialization and marketization of China's robot dexterous hand, and enhance the core competitiveness of China's robot.

Project Introduction:

The project of "Development of Practical Multi-finger Dexterous Hand for Service and Industry" is the key special project of "Intelligent Robot" of the National Key Research and Development Program. Beijing Kangli Youlan Robot Technology Co., LTD., Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tianjin University, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications, Beijing Inspire Robots technology co., LTD., Aobo Robotics, Shenzhen DH Robotics technology co., LTD., Qingruiboyuan Robotics finish together.

This project set “service and industry demand for low cost” and “Functional bionic hand” as purpose, develop more functional bionic hands product. In the service and industry applications, for dexterous operation verification, implementation of the bionoc hand "pluripotent", promoting the development of a multi-finger bionic hand products, expand the application scope of multi-finger bionic hands.

Beijing Inspire Robots Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading commercial five-finger bionic hand R&D and production enterprise in China, with profound research foundation in the fields of five-finger bionic hand drive, mechanism, sensing and control. At the same time, it has carried out many years of application and practice in service, industry, medical treatment, scientific research and other terminal application scenarios. As a pioneer in the industry, it promotes the industrial application of dexterous hands. As the undertaking unit of topic two, the robot is mainly responsible for the development and application of rigid multi-finger dexterous hand.